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"I setup Weekly Update in literally 3 minutes. It's that easy, and the benefit for my team has been incredible."
Gordon Jones
Dean, Boise State University
Gordon Jones at Boise State is a Customer
"We reduced our Monday executive meeting from 90 minutes to 37 minutes using Weekly Update. Yes, I timed it."
Hans Oliver
Vice President, 10 Fitness
Hans Oliver at 10 Fitness is a Customer
"We use this to surface important information about key accounts each week, and ensure concerns don’t get lost in the shuffle. Plus we have shorter meetings!"
Junae Barnhart
Manager of Customer Success, Netpulse
Junae Barnhart at Netpulse is a Customer
"Weekly Update gives our team a rhythm of communication. As an early stage startup, this is phenomenal as it increases open communication quickly and easily."
Grant George
Co-Founder & CTO, Set the Set
Grant George at Set the Set is a Customer
"Weekly Update is my #1 management tool. Our meetings are more efficient and everyone understands our goals."
Eric Buckner
CEO, 10 Fitness
Eric Buckner at 10 Fitness is a Customer
"It only takes a few minutes each week, and now my team shares so much more. The best part is when a concern in the update triggers an important discussion."
Ben Anderson
CEO, Amino Apps
Ben Anderson at Amino Apps is a customer

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